Echo Challenge Day #4

Guess what? Today is World Wildlife Conservation Day. It’s time to help all the animals in the world!

Today, I challenge you to do either of the following:

Donate to WWF (World Wildlife Fund) –

(Or any other charity you know that helps wildlife.)


Go to your local petting zoo or take a trip to a national park.


Talk to at least one person about World Wildlife Day. Avoid using plastic bags today. Many plastic bags are disposed in the wrong way, and animals often die from choking on them.

What is the Echo Challenge? Find out here.


In response to Daily Post’s writing post Prophecy

The prophecy lives on,

breathing through all of us,

existing in every crack,

invisible, yet there,

like the creeping chill on a frosty day.

The prophecy no one knows about,

yet everyone knows about,

the prophecy that someone decides,

yet we ponder:

Do prophecies exist?


That prophecy that lives inside us,

that prediction we wait to come true,

which we feel would change our lives forever,

or maybe just for a second,

yet we ponder:

Do prophecies exist?


That prophecy, which we find hard to wrap our brains around,

Does it control our fate?

Or is it just playing a part in our belief,

that the world is understandable?

Just like the unknown prophecy waiting to be discovered,

Do we really know?

Yet we ponder:

Do prophecies exist?