Echo Challenge Day #16

Today is Reconciliation Day! Even though Reconciliation Day is about parts of a nation coming back together, we can still reconcile on a small scale. Today, I want you to forgive someone’s mistakes. Say sorry to someone you think you offended or hurt. Be nice to an enemy. Let’s come together and be peaceful!

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lotus leafThe water, which came from the dew of the morning, rested on the lotus leaf. The dew drops slid down effortlessly, dropping into the pond below. The birds tweeted harmoniously, fluttering and jumping up near the edge of the pond. Turtles, salamanders, frogs, and little creatures of the sort gathered near the pond. The fish rose up from the depths of the pond, showing their silhouettes. Herons and other birds flocked, ignoring the fact that their natural food was there. Rabbits and deer pranced towards the water source. They sat and watched the dew drops slip down the pond, causing ripples. After a moment of peace, they all went, inside the pond, causing ripples of their own.