Echo Challenge Day #11

Today, I challenge you to light a candle. It seems like a simple task, but there is a beautiful meaning behind it. At 7 pm, light your candle and think about a loved one who has passed away. Remember all the wonderful moments you had with them, and be grateful that they were a part of your life. The candle symbolizes that even though they have passed away, they still remain in our hearts.

“If the people we love are stolen from us, the way to have them live on is to never stop loving them.”
-James O’Barr

What is the Echo Challenge? Find out here.


In response to Daily Post’s writing post “Sacrifice“.

I couldn’t decide which dress to wear to my friend’s wedding. I had eliminated the ten dresses I picked out and I was only left with two. One was a deep, dark blue with a tan belt and the other was a white one with a band of intricate lace designs in the middle. I was deciding the pros and cons of taking the blue dress, when she came up to me with a polka-dotted yellow dress. I, personally don’t like polka-dots, and was ready to shun the dress away. But then, I realized that she had shown me that dress with so much love. So, I made a sacrifice and bought the yellow one. I still miss the blue dress, which was my decision in the end, but I made someone happy.