In response to Daily Post’s writing post Prophecy

The prophecy lives on,

breathing through all of us,

existing in every crack,

invisible, yet there,

like the creeping chill on a frosty day.

The prophecy no one knows about,

yet everyone knows about,

the prophecy that someone decides,

yet we ponder:

Do prophecies exist?


That prophecy that lives inside us,

that prediction we wait to come true,

which we feel would change our lives forever,

or maybe just for a second,

yet we ponder:

Do prophecies exist?


That prophecy, which we find hard to wrap our brains around,

Does it control our fate?

Or is it just playing a part in our belief,

that the world is understandable?

Just like the unknown prophecy waiting to be discovered,

Do we really know?

Yet we ponder:

Do prophecies exist?