Echo Challenge Day #4

Guess what? Today is World Wildlife Conservation Day. It’s time to help all the animals in the world!

Today, I challenge you to do either of the following:

Donate to WWF (World Wildlife Fund) –

(Or any other charity you know that helps wildlife.)


Go to your local petting zoo or take a trip to a national park.


Talk to at least one person about World Wildlife Day. Avoid using plastic bags today. Many plastic bags are disposed in the wrong way, and animals often die from choking on them.

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Echo Challenge Day #1

Today is World AIDS Day, so I thought I would challenge you to donate to a charity that fights HIV/AIDS.

Here are a few charities you can donate to:

Elton John AIDS Foundation –

There are two links you can also go to: or

AIDS United –

American Foundation For Children With AIDS –

For those who love to shop, you can buy gifts on and the proceeds will help fight AIDS.

These are just my suggestions. If you have a charity in mind that also contributes to this cause or a charity that you like, please feel free to donate!

What is the Echo Challenge? Find out here.