Echo Challenge Day #23

Today, I was looking around my room and I realized how messy it was. I am planning a party tomorrow, so I was forced to clean up everything. I found a few things that were missing and I was surprised. I had forgotten all those things I thought were close to my heart. I challenge you to clean up something that you have put aside for a long time! Have fun!

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Fruit Punch

The pleasant crisp taste of apple juice,

mixed in with the sweet and sour delight of the grapes,

blended with the tart sugariness of the pineapple juice,

combined with bitter lemonade countering the sweetness,

added with water that reduced the sugary flavor of the mix

and last but not least…

there’s calcium lactate gluconate, Niacin acid, hydrochloride, and more acid.

It’s sad I can’t describe their flavor.



For the past few weeks, I have been living without wi-fi. It was a real challenge, as I was completely cut off from the Internet. I realized how much we take it for granted. Without the Internet, the only resort I had was books and television. When we have internet connection, we use it so much, we don’t know how much or how long we’re using it. Now, with iPhones, wi-fi is needed for some of the apps. It was a big relief to be with wi-fi after a long time. I think after dogs, wi-fi is a man’s best friend. 🙂