Echo Challenge Day #4

Guess what? Today is World Wildlife Conservation Day. It’s time to help all the animals in the world!

Today, I challenge you to do either of the following:

Donate to WWF (World Wildlife Fund) –

(Or any other charity you know that helps wildlife.)


Go to your local petting zoo or take a trip to a national park.


Talk to at least one person about World Wildlife Day. Avoid using plastic bags today. Many plastic bags are disposed in the wrong way, and animals often die from choking on them.

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Echo Challenge Day #3

In response to Daily Post’s “Construct

Did you know that today is Make a Gift Day? It is a perfect day for challenge number three. (It requires making and constructing.)

Today I challenge you to make a gift for someone special. Tell that person that you are grateful for all that they did for you.

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P.S. (I’m going to make a wreath for a friend that just bought a new house. What are you going to make?)

Echo Challenge Day #2

Apparently, many occupations have an appreciation day, but did you know that today is Bartender Appreciation Day? I have never heard of it before.

For those of you who plan to go to happy hour today, I challenge you to thank your bartender. For people who are too young to drink or teetotalers like me, I came up with something creative. When you go out for your morning coffee, or stop at a restaurant or diner to eat, remember to thank the person who is serving you. Don’t forget to smile. 🙂

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Echo Challenge Day #1

Today is World AIDS Day, so I thought I would challenge you to donate to a charity that fights HIV/AIDS.

Here are a few charities you can donate to:

Elton John AIDS Foundation –

There are two links you can also go to: or

AIDS United –

American Foundation For Children With AIDS –

For those who love to shop, you can buy gifts on and the proceeds will help fight AIDS.

These are just my suggestions. If you have a charity in mind that also contributes to this cause or a charity that you like, please feel free to donate!

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Echoing Deeds

In response to Daily Post’s “Echo

It’s almost Christmas! No matter if that’s not your holiday, or if you don’t celebrate at all, this season’s a time to give. When you do something good, that deed will echo back to you.

Today is when people start counting down the twenty-five days of Christmas. So I have a challenge for all of you reading this.

For every day starting today until Christmas, I will be posting a challenge! Challenge three other people to do the same!

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Day #2

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Water, Water Everywhere

In response to Daily Post’s writing post Water

Water. The resource many of us take for granted. Most of us have been long advised about the medical benefits of drinking water. But water affects us in many ways you would never think of. Have you ever wondered why more humans like shiny objects better than dull objects? Well, it is for our love of water. The shiny luster of the object reminds us of our desire for water. It is a primitive instinct. This is why we value shininess over dullness. The shinier the better. Scientists have even done tests on it. Both adults and children reported the same. Both groups were given a picture. One had a matte finish and the other had a glossy finish. The results were clear. Glossiness appeals to us. The glossiness was not related to money or wealth, but water. Do you now agree that water plays a big role in our lives? Even our brain is made up of 70% of water. But in some places of the world, people can’t get this resource. Their thirst is never quenched. Right now, women and young girls in Africa and Asia are wasting their time, walking miles, just to get to the closest water source. They spend up to 125 million hours (daily) walking an average of 3.7 miles and the water they get might not even be clean. According to, a child dies every 90 seconds from a water-related disease. In the time a woman spends walking and carrying water across vast miles, they could be educated. Education is another thing take for granted. Education would enable them to get jobs, increasing the workforce. They will be able to support their family and make economic choices. This in turn, would help the economy. So, did you ever think water was related to money?

Water, water, every where,
Nor any drop to drink.

-Samuel Taylor Coleridge


Barbed Wire Fence

In response to Daily Post’s writing post Fence

The Fence suppressed us,

it kept us from going,

the barbed wire threatened us,

with cuts and gashes so bad,

one could bleed for hours on end.

They thought that we could not go,

but we went places nobody can go,

controlling our bodies, not our minds,

our imagination was limitless and unstoppable,

They kept us from the world,

but in reality we were already part of it.


In response to Daily Post’s writing post Prophecy

The prophecy lives on,

breathing through all of us,

existing in every crack,

invisible, yet there,

like the creeping chill on a frosty day.

The prophecy no one knows about,

yet everyone knows about,

the prophecy that someone decides,

yet we ponder:

Do prophecies exist?


That prophecy that lives inside us,

that prediction we wait to come true,

which we feel would change our lives forever,

or maybe just for a second,

yet we ponder:

Do prophecies exist?


That prophecy, which we find hard to wrap our brains around,

Does it control our fate?

Or is it just playing a part in our belief,

that the world is understandable?

Just like the unknown prophecy waiting to be discovered,

Do we really know?

Yet we ponder:

Do prophecies exist?