Reddy’s Nemesis

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “What a Twist!.”

As Reddy the dog became ready to stalk the cat next door, Jo, he bought some equipment with him. He bought a pair of scissors (which he sharpened for the easiest of cutting), some bones (for replenishment), cat food (to lure Jo if needed), and a mask (as any top secret mission is incomplete without a mask). He got his map and started digging in his back yard, determined to cross the fence and accomplish his mission. He hauled all his stuff over the fence and crawled under it. Part one of his mission was complete. Now, he had to find Jo and finish off her tail swiftly. He scurried around the house until he found the cat lying in her litter box on the porch. The opportunity was not to miss. He hastily pawed inside his backpack and found his scissors. Reddy inched toward the cat, making sure not to wake her up. He cut her tail. It was a clean cut, and only a few threads came off. Reddy was surprised that Jo slept through all this. But, he had no time to think. He had to leave the crime scene quickly. He hurriedly packed the tail with his things and left the way he came. His mission was accomplished. As he came out the other side of the hole, he was shocked to find Jo (and her tail a full length), ready with scissors to curtail his.

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